Calgary Bike Polo

(This page is a general information guide to bike polo in Calgary Alberta Canada...


Dates and Times:

Game time is at 6:30pm on Wednesday in the summer, or noonish on Sunday in the winter


Well, we usually play in the Queen Elizabeth school grounds over by the swings (not on the soccer field) at around 6th Avenue North West and (somewhere) between 15th and 18th Street.

The Rules:


Wiffle Ball, Inc.:
275 Bridgeport Ave
Shelton, CT. 06484
Tel: (203) 924-9433
Fax: (203) 924-4643
Stock number 430B

This is how to make your own mallet:

Get a golf club (longer shafts work better)
Get some self tapping screws (3/4 inch)
Get some scrap "cutting board" type plastic material (3/4 inch)
Shape the plastic into a mallet head with a jigsaw (or something like that)
Round out the corners with a knife (or something like that)
Put holes into the head with a drill and your favorite bit. Don't make the holes too large.
Drill a hole into the top of the plastic and insert the shaft of the golf club (minus the head)
Apply the self tapping screw.
DONE! (Takes about 20 mins if you take your time with the saw.)

If you don't want to make your own mallet, go to one of the following places:

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